Easy and flexible eCommerce platform, built on the ProcessWire framework

Why I built Padloper?

ProcessWire is the best content management framework I know. Right after I found it, I wished that ProcessWire 2.0 would have existed 5 years earlier in 2005. Back then I was working on a big eCommerce project with my two brothers. We ended up using osCommerce and tons of custom code. All that we finally used from osCommerce was cart and order management. Everything else was just slowing us down. In last 10 years I have build several webstores using many different platforms - and I always feel same way. Building the actual website is pain. Managing the product data and other content is pain.

With ProcessWire I just got it - we have the best and most flexible eCommerce platform right here! Only thing missing was cart and order management. Everything else is usually very different from store to store and that is the reason why all eCommerce solutions end up being huge bloat and difficult to use and customize. I wanted to create something totally different. A really lightweight solution for all of us who like to focus on building the interesting parts, instead of configuring and figuring out the obvious!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This version of Padloper is not in active development anymore and I cannot provide proper support for it. I have sold the rights and codebase to Kongondo, who is building Padloper 2. More information here in ProcessWire forums. This version is in sale until version 2 is released.

Turn any page into a product

Padloper is very easy to add on existing ProcessWire site. Like always with ProcessWire, you have 100% freedom with markup and content structure.

Sell digital downloads

Easily attach downloadable files to your products and give your customers instant downloads after successful payment. You can also control how many times files can be downloaded or how long files are available.

Process payments

During the Padloper development, I open sourced payment classes for ProcessWire. Currently there are two payment processors available (Stripe and Paypal). If you have a specific need, please contact me and let's discuss.

Customize the checkout process

Request only the information you need from the customer to streamline the checkout process.

Even more

  • ProcessWire 3.0 support
  • Report exports (csv)
  • Tax classes with country & state specific tax rates (you can handle #vatmess with these)
  • Shipping classes for different shipping rates per product and/or country & state
  • #VATMOSS helpers to keep EU tax rates in good shape
  • Simple payment reports (since orders are pages, it's easy for you to create custom ones)
  • Product variations using PageTable or Repeaters
  • Easy to overwrite default markup with custom templates
  • Prefill order forms for logged in users
  • Attach orders to logged in users (easy to build "customer portal" to show orders etc)
  • Ask any information from customers (just by adding fields to order template)
  • Manage and edit orders in ProcessWire admin
  • Support for multiple shipping methods
  • Possibility to code relations between customer information, payment methods and shipping methods
    • ie. some shipping methods are available only for certain customers and some payment methods only available if certain shipping methods are chosen
  • JSON replies that make it easy to add AJAXified cart manipulations (add product to cart, update, remove)

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